University of Latvia

latvijasgaihe membersThe Academic Unit of the University of Latvia develops the strategy of the University of Latvia. The mission of the Academic Unit of the University of Latvia is to oversee the research grants at the university of Latvia, collect and analyze information on the research activities and communicate it to the University administration and other departments, organise annual research conference at the University, oversee the budget for these activities, communicate with the Ministry of Education and other governmental organizations.

The Academic unit has taken part in various projects, including for example a project called the Input of the Universities of Latvia to the Nation’s Economy („UniversitāšuieguldījumsLatvijastautsaimniecībā”) sponsored by the association of Universities of Latvia (06.2011. – 11.2012); the study EUROSTUDENT IV international study „Student social conditions’, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of republic of Latvia (09.2009. – 11.2011) and a project on the Effectivity of the academic staff of the university of Latvia” sponsored by the University of Latvia (04.2009. – 12.2009).