University of Maribor

mariborugaihe membersThe University of Maribor (UM) is the second largest Slovenian public university with more than 20.000 students and around 1.000 of academic staff. It is striving for excellence in education and increase of knowledge with the help of applicative and basic research. UM is carrying out study programmes at all levels, undergraduate, postgraduate, and the PhD level. Internationalisation plays an important role; UM encourages student and staff mobility and active participation in international associations, networks and projects.
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. The university staff and students are involved in many national and international research and applicative projects, working on basic research and applications for industry and knowledge exchange with the society in general. UM also promotes sustainability in development and lifelong learning.

The Faculty of Education (FE) develops study programmes for teachers at different levels and engages in scientific research in pedagogy and education related areas. International cooperation includes short-term mobilities (mainly Erasmus) and long-term collaboration through European projects (Lifelong Learning Programme, FP7, etc.). The Continuing Education Centre at FE is the major generator of the professional training of teachers, in particular teachers in primary schools. It has been established in 1978 and has successfully coined the name becoming well known as a support centre for teachers in Slovenian schools. The statistics of the last ten years shows that on average nearly 1.000 teachers per year are participating in different programmes and courses being organised by the Centre.