University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius

Sy. cyrilagaihe membersThe University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius (UCM), a 130 year-old university in the town of Trnava. UCM provides education in bachelor, master and doctoral study programs in different fields of the humanities and social sciences, in physiotherapy, teaching, as well as in chemistry and biotechnology. UCM aims to provide high quality education and welcomes developments in innovation in teaching and learning.
The main activity of the university is education. UCM, comprising four faculties and one institute, has 5915 students in 68 accredited study programs both internal and external.

ECM participates in 5 EU projects, three of them are financed by the European Social Fund in the Operational program of education and two of them are supported by the European Fund of Regional Development. UCM has participated in three international scientific research projects since 1 January 2011. There are also eleven grants covered by the town of Trnava. Two projects are in the Central European exchange program for university study in the CEEPUS program, one project of cooperation with the JAVYS Company was initiated in the department of biotechnology at the Faculty of Natural Science UCM and one project financed by the Orange Foundation has been operating in the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Arts UCM. UCM has also been involved in various additional projects, twelve VEGA and six KEGA projects, two projects in Applied research and four projects of the Agency for support of research and development.