Peer Learning Activity and Training Course in Poitiers. 25-27 January 2016

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The ERASMUS-GAIHE project gathers partners from eight countries. Its aims to map and promote best practices of governance and management of innovation in European higher education. Innovation is recognized as an essential lever for the contribution of higher education systems to the knowledge economy and the development of lifelong learning. It is at the centre of the national strategy for higher education in France. The developments of ICTs, the extension of partnerships with business, the new social responsibility of Higher Education Institutions, and the transformation of training and assessment devices for students, are all strategic assets for the modernisation of higher education systems and the construction of a learning society.

Despite some obstacles, drivers for innovation have been tested in European higher education institutions. Some promising practices have been identified by the GAIHE project partners following a literature review, a vast quantitative survey and case studies completed in different countries. These research findings highlighted interesting perspectives on the development of innovations linked to the modularisation and flexibility of training provision, the adoption of digital tools for teaching and learning, the collaborative work and leadership in academic organisations, the implementation of assessments and quality approach. The GAIHE partners are now involved in dissemination activities, promotion and training to executives in higher education institutions:

  • Vice-Chancellors
  • Heads of research unit and deans of faculties
  • Departments of services and support
  • Heads of studies and research in colleges
  • Task officers in modernisation and innovation
  • Project managers in guidance and professional inclusion

The GAIHE partners have established a dedicated website designed to fulfil these objectives and to provide online resources to interested stakeholders.

The ESENESR (French National College for Education Management, Higher Education and Research) is associated with this European project, in partnership with the University of Strasbourg and the French Institute of Education-Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon. The implementation of innovations requires a reflection on the work and skills of administrative and pedagogical management in higher education institutions. This then leads to a number of vital questions: How can a culture of cooperation develop among heterogeneous professional spaces? How can knowledge and skills be shared to work more effectively? What type of leadership can be established by these dynamics of innovation and change? How can we redefine this environment of actors>How are transversal skills managed? How can the area of pedagogy and learning be investigated to improve student achievement and inclusion?

The GAIHE project addresses these issues by establishing an inventory of best practices in Europe. The aim of these two days is to share several experiences on change and innovation, to create a professional dialogue, and to provide resources and tools. The event includes French and European expert speakers, thematic seminars and workshops to facilitate exchange of knowledge and skills among professionals.